Products De Reyes

De Reyes® is a natural food product line sourced from Argentine fields. Marketed under the same trademark and in different formats, our products include: long fine white rice type 0000, long fine white rice type 00000, aluvia beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, sugar, and two developing products (soon to be launched), olive oil and sunflower oil.

De Reyes® products are developed in different weights and measures, to suit diverse clients’ needs in the different commercialization channels. The rigorous laboratory controls previous to package help maintain the quality and healthiness standards of our commoditites. Thus, excellence is guaranteed.

Packages are developed with high quality materials, labelled according to the updated requirements of the National Food Code. All our products have been approved for marketing and sale in Argentina and the rest of the world. De Reyes® aims at providing products of superior quality, endowed with the standard quality tradition which our company cheerishes.