Human nutrition

Our suppliers’ cellars, stockpiles and mills also meet the required quality standards established by AGROIN LAS PIEDRAS LTD. Being their products manufactured and packed under these conditions, they are later sent to our facilities for inspection, fitting-up and finish. Suppliers are located all over the country. They have joined us in our effort to meet all the international quality standards set by our clients.  

Regarding products for human nutrition, we have strongly encouraged the export of fine white polished rice in its different qualities, aluvia beans, garbanzo beans and lentils; white sugar and we are currently developing olive and sunflower oil, being all these exported with our registered trademark DE REYES.

Goods and commodities undergo strict controls when they arrive at our plant. They are kept in cellars or silos, where they undergo a final inspection. Samples are carefully taken and analysed in our labs, which are suitably equipped for accurate quality control. They are later sent to cellars where the different canning/packing phases take place. Finally, our products are distributed to and dispatched in the different destinations.