Geographical location

AGROIN LAS PIEDRAS LTD. is centrally located in the province of Mendoza, Argentina (32° 52’ 57” S; 68° 49’ 19” W), at the foothills of the Andes, the most important mountain range in South America.
Mendoza has an area of 148,827km2  and a population of 1,741,610 inhabitants, 80% of which live in cities and surrounding urban areas, and the remaining 20% live in mountainous/rural places.

Climate is dry and semi-dry in most of the territory. Average temperatures reach 12ºC in autumn and winter, and 26ºC in spring and summer, though these conditions may vary in higher altitudes, with consequent lower temperatures and even snow.
Agriculture, viticulture, manufacturing, petroleum, tourism and commerce are the main economic activities.

Our plant is strategically located for the commercialisation of our products in either the domestic or the global market. It is on a key location, connected with all the MERCOSUR roads.