The Board of Directors has four business partners as members, Mr. Jorge Bravo Bargetto, Mr. Ramón Mazuela Barros, Mr. Rodrigo Mazuela Cepeda and Mr. Jorge Andrés Bravo González, who have been in charge for over 36 years. They have now delegated the management of the company to a group of young  well-prepared professionals in different fields.

AGROIN LAS PIEDRAS LTD. has been organized into different sectors for a more efficient business management: accounting, logistics and distribution, production and quality control, foreign trade, sales and human resources. All of these work together to meet the highest market standards in the supply of goods and services.

Included in our staff are the hundred and twenty suppliers of goods, services and trasnport, and other related companies. Our suppliers of cereals and oleaginous plants, by-products in San Luis, Córdoba, Tucumán and Salta, via  producers and stockpilers, also play an important role.