Production and quality control

Quality is a must in AGROIN LAS PIEDRAS LTD. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients, providing them with high quality products and by-products.
Quality control of our products starts with a strict control of quality of the commodities we get on a daily basis, which complies with national regulations regarding quality standards for cereal production in Argentina. In our recently equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art technology, systematic chemical and mico-biological tests are carried out are carried out on both cereals and by-products for animal nutrition in order to guarantee quality at any stage of the production process.

Our internal logistics system in the cereal storage area has been improved so as to accurately control storage. The milling-dispatch system has been reorganized into a closed circuit in order to protect the finished product.  

Production volume is above 90,000 tons a year for animal nutrition (based on soybeans, corn, wheat, sorghum, beans, sunflower, etc). Exports for human consumption have achieved an amazing 20,000 tons a year, expecting a steady increase in the coming years.