Commitment to society

AGROIN LAS PIEDRAS LTD. gives regular assistance to local companies related with job safety and occupational hazard. We are in close contact with the social and sanitary needs of local schools and hospitals, and we provide the fire brigade in the city of San Martín with money to respond to their most urgent needs. Our company is actively assisting a local children’s hospital in the acquisition of sophisticated equipment for children’s rehabilitation. We are also committed to promoting the welfare of children with special abilities, and to helping the local government with the organization of the Harvest Festival and related events.  

Being aware of environmental problems, we have planted native species of trees as part of an ambitious afforestation plan. We have thus created a clean, healthful environment which goes well with the surrounding agricultural areas.
Our Human Resources Department is constantly considering the personal/professional situation of each of our employees, taking in their most serious worries and giving them the necessary tools to take those worries out. Human resources are uppermost. They are essential for our company’s growth.